Uniform Policy

Uniform/Dress Code:
All Sol Aureus College Preparatory (S.A.C. Prep) students are required to wear the S.A.C. Prep uniform every day. The uniform consists of a variety of S.A.C. Prep shirts, available for sale at cost from the school. In addition to wearing the S.A.C. Prep shirts, the S.A.C. Prep uniform policy consists of the following regulations:
To be tucked in at all times so that the belt is always visible 360 degrees.
-Solid color and can only be White, Navy Blue, or S.A.C. Prep shirts.
-Long sleeve shirts worn underneath are allowed in colder months.
Pants, Skirts, & Skorts:
Must be Navy Blue and of "uniform" quality- no denim or jeans.
-Skorts must go below their fingertips.
-Skirts must fall below the knees.
-Leggings/Tights/Stockings worn underneath skirts must be solid colors (black, white, or navy blue). Patterns are not allowed.
What is allowed in the classroom:
-ONLY S.A.C. Prep hoodies are allowed to be worn inside the classroom.
-Black, White, or Navy Blue sweaters are allowed inside the classroom.
What is NOT allowed in the classroom:
-All jackets, sweaters, or hoodies that are NOT S.A.C. Prep are NOT allowed to be worn inside the classroom.
***All jackets, sweaters, or hoodies can be worn outside of the classroom***
Tennis shoes or casual shoes are required.
-No open-toed shoes are allowed, sandals/flip-flops, ie.
-No high heels or thick-soled shoes that exceed an inch in height.
-No shoes that extend above the ankle. If shoes are worn pants must be able to fit over and cover the shoes.
-No winter fashion boots ("furry boots") or boots that extend above the ankle are to be worn to school.
-Rain boots (rubber boots) may be worn on rainy days.
-Socks must match and must be a solid color (black, white, or navy blue). No brightly colored socks.
-College Shirts/hoodies/jackets/t-shirts can only be worn on Fridays.
Other accessories:
*Belt- Must be plain (not too thick or thin) in the colors of black, brown, or navy blue ONLY (no other colors are allowed) -no name plates, big belt buckles, "studs" or spikes or any other designs are allowed on the belts.
*Jewelry- Hoop earrings cannot be larger than a quarter. Key chains, necklaces, and other jewelry worn around the neck must be worn underneath the shirt.
*Make-up is not allowed.**Hats, caps, do-rags, bandannas, or headbands of any kind are not allowed. 
*Jackets, hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts, pants, beanies, etc. with professional sports logos are not allowed.
*NO PROFESSIONAL SPORTS ATTIRE AT ANYTIME (any items with a professional/amateur sports affiliation: NFL, NBA, NHL, UNIVERSITIES, ETC.).
If a student arrives at school in violation of uniform policy the student will get a Uniform Violation Notice. Students who receive 3 Uniform Violation Notices will serve lunch detention.
Continued violation of the uniform policy will result in disciplinary actions.