Student Notes

The pictures posted represent what students should have in their notes.  Keep in mind that there are connections students need to be making that are not explicitly stated in the notes.  That said, these concepts are things that were specifically discussed in class.  It is a matter of seeing relationships and patterns.  For example, understanding that upright walking came before brains becoming larger.  The fact that being upright allowed for a greater range of vision to see predators and allowed for a greater probability of survival through escape. Bipedalism also freed hands for defensive purposes, tool-making, and carrying young.  This increase in survival time allowed for more years to consume food and have healthy offspring.  Food causes brain and muscle growth. Thus it is from upright walking (bipedalism) and its benefits that allowed for brain growth to occur at such a rapid rate.  Make sure your child has the notes, packet, and can make connections.  This same concept applies to all notes throughout the year.  There will be notes which act as a guide that students must independently use to connect concepts and facts based on classroom discussions and readings.