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Mr. Moua's Teacher Page

Hello everyone! My name is Mr. Moua. I am one of the two Physical Education (PE) teachers here at Sol Aureus College Preparatory. This is my fourth year at Sol Aureus. During my first year, I was a para-educator for 3rd and 4th grade. Before joining the Sol Aureus team I was an ABA tutor for children with autism. 
In life there are two roads. You can either go to the right or you can go to left. People say that failure is not an option, but that is ridiculous. Failure is the most readily and available option at all times but it is a choice. You can choose to fail or you can choose to succeed. If we (staff/educators) can show our students that we care and believe in them, then we are setting a strong foundation for them as they travel down the road to success. By verbally telling them, "keep going," "go the extra mile," "you'll get it next time," our students will gain the confidence they need to navigate through life. If we don't believe in our students, then self doubt and negative thoughts will surely set in and take them on the road to failure. As stated earlier, failure is always an option and it is okay for us to recognize that. However, it is the road we choose that will ultimately make the difference in our lives.
During my spare time I enjoy hiking, trying new foods, sleeping in and teaching children self-defense at a local gym in Elk Grove. I've always dreamt of becoming a PE teacher during my younger years. Now, I am glad to have the opportunity to follow my dream. My expectations for PE are simple: Show respect, put forth effort and have fun and students will do just fine. I am pleased to work with your students and to be a part of the staff at Sol Aureus. Prepare to put in work!
Contact information.
Google voice: (916)238-8772